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My Top Tips For Writing Web Content

Obviously in my opinion, your visual brand is what makes the very first impression on your website and hooks your audience. But once they’ve decided to stay and look a little closer, your content is what’s going to keep them there. First off — what is website content? Your content is the meat of your site. It’s all the writing that tells people about you + your business. It’s the literal voice of your company, and it can be one of the hardest parts to nail down during the web design process. To help you get started on what can be a super daunting task, I’ve put together my top tips to help you write your website content and hopefully make the process a little less overwhelming. 

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How To Make a Logo Slider on Squarespace

One of the biggest jobs your website has is to build credibility for you. And there are lots of ways to do that, but social proof is a super powerful one. That means showing that other people have had a great experience using your product or working with you. Testimonials are one great way to do that (and you can see how I create a fancy-pants testimonials slideshow here), but another great way to do that is to display the logos of big companies you’ve worked with or been featured by. Why does this help build credibility? Well, because if those companies trusted you enough to work with you, then so can Suzie who found you on Instagram!

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Crash Course: Squarespace Images Block

We as humans are visual people, so it makes sense that by adding images to your website you immediately make it more dynamic. But you don't have to just plop an image in and call it good. With the Squarespace image block there are 6 different layouts to choose from to add more creativity to your site. And they work the same no matter what template you're on! Watch the video for a crash course on the Squarespace images block or read below for a description of each layout style.

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3 Tools I Use Every Day to Run My Business

Running an online business is real hard, you guys. And when you're trying to go it alone and there are one billion + one tasks on your to-do list, it makes running your business even more of a challenge. Luckily there are tons of tools you can use to help you be more efficient, stay organized and hopefully keep a single shred of your sanity. This week I'm sharing 3 online tools that I love and use everyday to help run my business smoothly.

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How To Make a Testimonial Slider on Squarespace

We all know how important testimonials are for your website (and if you don't, then you totally should check out #3 in this article). Testimonials add social proof that you're as darn good as you're claiming to be, and they reassure your visitors that you're trustworthy. But displaying all those testimonials on your site can take up SO MUCH SPACE. People are probably getting carpal tunnel from scrolling for five years. So a great alternative is to set up your testimonials as a slideshow. That way users can browse through them much easier and it's nicer to look at with your eyeballs. 

Watch the video tutorial to see step by step how I make a testimonial slideshow in Squarespace or take a peek at the instructions below.

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Crafting An Intentional Homepage

You don’t have to tell me twice, writing the content for your website is freaking hard. Where do you even start? What the heck do you put on the homepage? What even is a homepage? Helping clients with their website content and how they present it is something that I do every day, and when I see people struggling with their homepage all I want to do is pat them on the head and make it easier for them. So I’m sharing my basic method for crafting an intentional homepage. This is what I start with this as a template for each client that I work with and you can do the same.

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Quick Tips: SEO & Blogging With Squarespace

Blogging is a great way to engage with your target audience, position yourself as an expert in your field and (bonus!) improve your SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. One of the best ways to improve your SEO is to continue to add new and relevant information to your site, and the easiest way to do that is by blogging. But once you’ve written your blog post, there are a few simple things you can to do within Squarespace to improve your SEO even more.

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How To Add Personality To Your Brand

I recently had a conversation with a friend about who my favorite people to work with are and I realized that one thing all my favorite clients have in common is that they’re brimming with personality. Not only do they have loads of personality, but they’ve let me inject it into their brand to make a one-of-a-kind identity for them. By doing this with their brand, they are already building a relationship with their target audience.

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The Easy Way to Get Testimonials From Clients

Believe it or not, your past clients are some of the most valuable assets you have to get new business. They know your quality of work, have great things to say about you (hopefully) and have the power to influence your future clients who may be on the fence about hiring you. So, how can you tap into this amazing resource? With testimonials! 

But, the hardest part about testimonials isn’t putting them to work for you, it’s getting them in the first place. Today I'm sharing what I've found to be the easiest way to get testimonials. 

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