How One Question Can Save You Time and Money

By now, putting a contact page and form on your website should be basic knowledge so that potential clients can get in contact with you and know that you’re a legitimate business. We all have the basic fields on our contact form: name, phone, message, etc. But there is one simple question you can add to your contact form to give you important insights into your clients and tell you where your time and money should be spent….


How did you hear about me? 

Adding this simple field to your contact form can give you valuable information about where your web traffic is coming from and how new leads are finding you. Did they do a Google search? Were you referred to them by a previous client? Did they see an advertisement? Their answer not only reveals how people are finding you, but also shows where you should be investing to get future clients. 

Ask "How did you hear about me?" on your contact form to find out how clients are finding you.

Ask "How did you hear about me?" on your contact form to find out how clients are finding you.


Investing may mean different things to different people. For some it may mean spending money, for others it may mean investing your time and/or attention. For me, about 60% of my business comes from referrals. This means that I should be investing my time, money, and attention on my current clients. So, things like improving client experience and providing great customer service deserve my focus so that my clients are more likely to refer me in the future.  

My other 40% of new clients come from Google searches and social media. I’ve dabbled in Google ads (and plan to explore this more) and am blogging more to improve my SEO rankings – which hopefully means that people will be even more likely to find me on Google. I’m also trying to be better at posting to social media more often and being more interactive with my followers.

Getting new clients is always a struggle, but this one simple piece of the puzzle could help you to use your time and money more efficiently. Because who wants to waste time and energy on something that’s not working?

 P.S. Don’t forget to make it a required field to ensure it gets filled out with your contact form!

Do you already have this question included on your contact form? Have you gotten any insight from the answers?