What your colors are saying about your brand

Colors are tied with an emotional response, so it’s important to make sure that your business is creating the right response on first impression. Here’s a quick look into what your colors are saying about your brand.


Looking to make a bold statement? Red could be your color if you want to convey drama, strength, or danger.

powerful + LOUD + intense + dangerous + strong

You can think happy thoughts when you choose orange as a brand color. Orange can be warm, inviting and cheerful.

energy + confident + warm + playful + cheery


Light and airy, yellow is a great color to use for a fun and friendly business. Similar to orange, yellow is a happy color.

radiant + friendly + light + fun + bright

The color of money and the color of life. Green can be viewed as a fresh, growing business and can convey success.

fresh + organic + successful + growth + positive


Blue is a great color for any business that wants to appear professional and trustworthy. Think ocean or sky for a calming sensation.

clean + trustworthy + calm + loyal + reliable

It’s deep and luxurious. Purple exudes a sense of excellence and sophistication. Use this color for a high-end brand.

rich + royal + sophisticated + majestic + luxury

Pink is usually associated with a feminine brand and has a flirty, fun appeal. It can be playful or edgy depending on how you use it.

flirty + fun + soft + playful + compassionate

The color of chrome and shiny objects, gray can give your brand a sleek look and feel.

sleek + neutral + cool + calm + tech

Dark and mysterious, black can make a big impact for your brand. Use it sparingly for emphasis or a lot for an edgy look.

mysterious + bold + classic + elegant + serious

There is definitely so much more that goes into choosing the color and style of your brand, but knowing the psychology behind the colors that you choose is a great place to start. And once you know the basics, you can begin mixing and matching until you have a color palette that is uniquely your own.

What brand colors reflect the feelings you want your business to evoke? Are you brand colors doing their job?