How to Ensure Your Website is Working While You Aren't

How long has it been since you updated your website? long has it been since you've even looked at your website? Sometimes we forget (and I'm just as guilty of this) that while we may not be working on nights and weekends, our website is on the clock 24/7 making the first impression that many potential customers or clients see. Here are 5 easy steps to take to make sure your website is working while you aren't - and not embarrassing you behind your back!


1. Go through each page of your website and actually READ it.

That's right! Pretend you've never seen it before (and for some of us it may have been quite a while since we wrote it in the first place). Make sure everything makes sense, is up-to-date, and there aren't any pesky typos.

2. Click on anything and everything that should be clickable.

We're checking for any broken links that need to be fixed and make sure that all links take you where you're expecting to go.


3. Review all the photos and graphics on your site.

Make sure they're all loading correctly and that they aren't older than Betty White. That glamour shot of you with a mullet? Might be time to update it.

4. Add "Calls to Action" or CTAs

You should be guiding users through your site and encouraging them to take the next steps. If your goal is to get people to reach out for more info, be sure to link to your contact page throughout the site.

5. Finally, is there anything missing from your website?

Maybe your business has grown and you're offering new products or services. Or maybe you've completely changed your business model. Your website should probably reflect that.

I know that it's hard to find time to get everything done in the first place, but making sure your website is updated should really be at the top of the list because it's working for you even when you don't realize it. Speaking of...I should probably get to making some updates of my own!

How long has it been since you've given your website a once-over? Do you have any other tips and tricks for keeping your site updated?