10 Blog Post Ideas For Your New Website

Did you know that blogging is one of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings so you’ll appear higher on Google? Everyone poo poos on blogging, but it could be the one thing that truly helps you get in front of more people. I get it, I get it…you don’t think you have anything good to say that anyone would be interested in. Or you feel stupid talking on the internet when it feels like you’re just shouting into the void. But if even one person makes it to your blog, then it’s worth it if you ask me. So whenever you’re ready to pull up your big girl pants and share your expertise, here are 10 fresh ideas to help get you started on your new blog.

10 Blog Post Ideas For Your New Website | Six Leaf Design | Freelance Graphic + Logo + Website + Brand Designer | Denver, Colorado

1. share the Tools you use

When people don't work in your industry or have the experience that you do, it's interesting for them to see a peek behind the curtain and learn what your process includes. For me, as a web designer and online service provider, tools would be mostly digital software like Squarespace for websites, 17hats for quoting/invoicing/contracts, Acuity Scheduling, etc.

2. Expand on a service you provide

If you've got services that take a lot of explaining, this post topic can do double duty in educating potential clients on the right service for them. For example, if you're a massage therapist you could explain what a deep tissue massage is, what people can expect to happen during their appointment, who it's a good service for, and aftercare tips.

3. Give insider info

Usually you're the first to know about news in your particular industry, so be the first to share it with your audience and give your hot take on it. If you're in the child care field and a new report comes out about how much screen time kids should be getting, then you could write a blog post sharing that along with your response + recommendations.

4. Things you learned last year

This is a great topic for around the new year when you can reflect on things you did in your business to improve and give a humble brag about it. Did you improve your customer service by changing your on boarding process? Maybe you switched a tool that you use and it's made things run more smoothly?

5. How to choose the right [your job title]

How to choose the right designer? How to choose the right acupuncturist? How to choose the right fitness trainer? Whatever it is that you do, you've got opinions on what makes you good at your job. You can blog about this in a way that highlights what makes you better than your competition.

6. Educate your audience on a topic

There's always something that you wished your customers knew more about so it would make your job easier. Write a blog post explaining what you wish they knew. For example, I wrote a post about the different file types you should have for your logo and how to use them.

7. Create a tutorial

Take educating your customers even further by making a step-by-step tutorial that they can follow. Tutorials are super popular online and people are searching for them all the time. So if you can think of something people would really want to know how to do, it could bring lots of traffic to your site. If you're a yoga instructor, you could make a tutorial on how to avoid sciatica with 3 simple poses. Or if you’re a Squarespace designer like me you could make a tutorial on how to make a testimonial slider on Squarespace (wink wink).

8. Personal reflection

You can always take a step back from business and write something that hits on a more personal level. Did you recently make a big life change that affected your outlook on your services? That could definitely be blog-worthy and something your clients would be interested in. Letting them get to know you and your story is always a good way to connect.

9. How to get started doing [whatever it is that you do]

In addition to your ideal clients, your audience is also probably made of other people wanting to get started in your industry. And if you're like me, you occasionally get questions from people wanting to get started. Why not write a post with your advice on getting started and what you wished you knew at the beginning. You're killing two birds with one stone by blogging and creating something you can refer people to in the future.

10. How to DIY something

Before people are ready to hire you, many times they're interesting in trying to do it themselves first. My viewpoint is that if they can do it, then good for them! But if they try and it turns out harder than they imagined, they'll come right back to the place that was offering help in the first place. So if you're an esthetician you could write about how to create an at-home skincare routine. If you're a wedding planner a blog could be how to create your own wedding budget and timeline. You get the picture.

As long as you’re blogging about topics that relate back to your business and providing information that is valuable to your audience, it’s only going to help you get found on search engines. Not only that, but it helps to reinforce the idea that you’re an expert in your field.

So what are you waiting for? Or if you already blog, what are some topics that you’ve enjoyed sharing on your website?

*Pssst…this post contains some affiliate links which means that I’ll get a kickback if you purchase. But I only recommend things that I truly use and find valuable.