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Free Wallpaper for February 2019

Hello and happy February! I’m switching things up a bit with the monthly wallpaper post format. So first things first, may I introduce you to the FREE wallpaper design for February? This one was so fun to create and really therapeutic to draw all the little pattern elements while sitting in the coffee shop where I sometimes work. My future sis-in-law said it gives her major Saved By The Bell vibes and I take that as the highest of compliments. I always love doing a less traditional Valentine’s theme that isn’t just pink or purple hearts. Go ahead and slap this snazzy design on all your digital devices and then click read more for a little something different in this month’s post.

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Free Wallpaper for February 2016

Even though the weather outside is less than appealing, maybe this cute XOXO pattern will help bring a little love to your screens. Get the FREE February wallpaper design now for all your digital devices. Please share and enjoy!

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