Free Wallpaper for February 2019

Hello and happy February! I’m switching things up a bit with the monthly wallpaper post format. So first things first, may I introduce you to the FREE wallpaper design for February? This one was so fun to create and really therapeutic to draw all the little pattern elements while sitting in the coffee shop where I sometimes work. My future sis-in-law said it gives her major Saved By The Bell vibes and I take that as the highest of compliments. I always love doing a less traditional Valentine’s theme that isn’t just pink or purple hearts. Go ahead and slap this snazzy design on all your digital devices and then scroll down for a little something different in this month’s post.

Free Wallpaper for February 2019 with hand-drawn heart pattern design

Download the size you need by opening the link and right clicking to save. If you’re on a mobile device, open the link in your browser, save the image to your photos, then go to settings and select your photo as your wallpaper: 2560px x 1600px, 1920px x 1080px, 1680px x 1050px, iPad, iPhone 6, 7 or 8, iPhone 6, 7 or 8 Plus, iPhone X, Droid and No Calendar Version.

I’m going to start using the monthly wallpaper post as a way to check in and give you, all my lovely friends and followers, an update on my life both professionally and personally. So buckle in, this last month has been a doozy and I’m ready to overshare.


Some of you may know this, but for the last few months my husband and I have been preparing for a new baby. We were matched for adoption in September and the baby was due in January. A few weeks ago we got the news that the baby had been born and her biological parents had changed their minds and decided to parent. To be honest, it’s been really hard. I definitely went through different stages of grief. So we’re back on the waiting list and hoping to get matched again soon. But it feels like we’ve taken about 17 steps back in the process and it’s hard to imagine it ever happening with such a huge setback.

In other news, we’ve now got lots of free time since we had planned to be taking time off with a newborn right about now. We’re trying to stay positive and stay busy. We took a few days to go skiing and took lessons, took a coffee roasting class, I started practicing illustration more, and we’re spending plenty of time with friends and family, including a trip planned to go to Arizona for my brother-in-law’s wedding next month.


January has been actually a pretty great month for Six Leaf Design. Considering that I had been winding down to take a maternity leave, I’ve stayed busy but it’s been at a much more steady and slow pace. Which has been incredibly nice. I’m still trying to keep things pretty slow since we’re hoping to get matched again quickly and may have to make arrangements super fast. But I was able to launch two amazing new brands + websites this month for Lisa Kuzman Coaching and Foundations Orthodontics + book two more projects to start soon. I wrote a blog post that was really well received about how to create a logo slider on your Squarespace site that you can read here. And I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on my new Web Design In A Day service. My goal is to create + launch 6 more premium themes in 2019 and at the beginning of the month I released my newest one called Drive that would be perfect for a personal trainer, fitness professional or service provider.

Here’s to a happy February!