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2018 Digital Marketing Trends

It’s 2018 and the times are a changing. Even more rapidly for the marketing world. A couple weeks ago I went to a panel focused on digital marketing trends for 2018. And while the topic of many of the presentations were focused on much larger companies than I normally work with, there’s no reason that we as small business owners can’t apply some of these same tactics and to great results. Here are my top three takeaways translated for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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The Easy Way to Get Testimonials From Clients

Believe it or not, your past clients are some of the most valuable assets you have to get new business. They know your quality of work, have great things to say about you (hopefully) and have the power to influence your future clients who may be on the fence about hiring you. So, how can you tap into this amazing resource? With testimonials! 

But, the hardest part about testimonials isn’t putting them to work for you, it’s getting them in the first place. Today I'm sharing what I've found to be the easiest way to get testimonials. 

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