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How To Level Up Your Online Presence

Face to face in the real world, it’s fairly easy for people to get a feel for what it’d be like to work with you. But online, it’s harder to get the full picture of who you really are and what you’re like. And if you don’t have any presence online at all, it can be a red flag for someone who might not think you’re not a legitimate business because they Googled you, and the only thing that came up was your Xanga page from 7th grade (yiiiiiiikes!). So start here if you’re looking for a way to look more professional online, level up your online presence or maybe even just get started with the basics.

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3 Things To Do When Business Is Slow

I’ve been freelancing for 6 years now. And I think that I’ve finally come to accept that there are ebbs and flows when it comes to the amount of work I have. I used to panic every time I had a little lull (ask any of my business besties about the frantic phone calls they’d get). But nowadays I try to embrace the slower times and have faith that it’ll come back around. So when you find yourself coming down from a peak into one of these valleys, here are 3 things you can do when business is slow that continue to build your business and help you get more work coming down your funnel.

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Free Wallpaper for December 2018

Hello hello! Here I am on the last day of November scrambling to put together the free December wallpaper. To be perfectly honest with you, I think I’ve put it off so long because I’m just not really in the Christmas spirit this year. It’s been a busy + stressful year and I’m just ready for a break at this point. But I’m taking off 2 weeks over the holidays to reset and recharge. And in the meantime, I’m still here making the monthly wallpaper because I’d never leave you hanging like that.

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Free Wallpaper for February 2018

Anyone else feel like January has been dragging on for just about forever? I think there's something about coming down from the hustle + bustle of the holiday season and getting back to real life that makes everything feel just a little flat. I've been super busy wrapping up projects that had been put on hold for the holidays and starting some fun new ones, too, though. So I'm hoping for a fantastic February. Plus I took some time to reflect back on what worked + didn't work in 2017 and you can read that here if you're interested. But moving on...

I'm totally digging the new FREE digital wallpaper design for February! After the ditsy pattern and pastels in January, I wanted to take this month back to something classy and neutral. Gray is pretty much my favorite color (how boring is that?!) and I'm continuing to practice my hand lettering skills each month. Let's start the new month off right and freshen up all those screens with this beauty. Please share and enjoy!

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City Pop | Specialty Label Designs

City Pop is a gourmet popcorn company with brick and mortar shops in Denver + the surrounding areas (including in Winter Park, which I saw when we went skiing this year!). They have so many delicious and unique flavors and it's all locally produced, so you know you're getting an amazing product!

Chris from City Pop came to me last year needing to design some fun and unique labels for special occasions. The idea is that their customers will be able to buy tins of popcorn and pick the label for the occasion so that it makes a great gift! I absolutely loved the idea and was so excited to get started after we discussed the aesthetic and purpose. 

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