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Free Wallpaper for November 2017

And just like that….it was the holiday season! October has been a blast and went by way too quickly. But I have to say that I’m really looking forward to these last few months of the year and planning to take a bit of time off to work on my own business. There are big things coming up for Six Leaf!

But in the meantime let's get to the real reason you’re here. I wanted to create something much lighter for the FREE November wallpaper design. I saw this dandelion pattern in some tiles on Instagram and got all googley eyed over it, so I knew that I had to recreate it for this month’s design. Add in a watercolor texture + some teal and I’m just in heaven over here. I don’t think I’ll get sick of this design all month, and I hope you don’t either! Be sure to grab the size you need and plaster it all over your devices this month. Please share and enjoy!

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Free Wallpaper for October 2016

The free October wallpaper features some very autumn-inspired colors and a cute pattern as an added bonus, plus anything with the color teal makes me happy. Fancify all your digital screens for the new month!

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Free Wallpaper for May 2016

Hopefully May will bring brighter weather and spirits to everyone...and to all your digital devices as well! Brighten up your screens with this peppy wallpaper design for the month of May. Please share and enjoy!

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Free Wallpaper for March 2016

this time of year is when I really start itching for spring, even though it’s definitely still a few months away. Even so, I’m going with a springy color for the free March wallpaper design and throwing in some chaotic geometric shapes for the heck of it. Plaster these puppies on all your digital devices so they feel special! Please share and enjoy.

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Free Wallpaper For August 2014

Whew! July has gone by in a crazy whirlwind! Between visiting family, traveling for work, and 3 weddings in 4 weeks, I've been gone more than I've been home. But not to fret...I did have time to create the FREE wallpaper for August. Please share and enjoy this tribal inspired wallpaper design for your best robot-friends!

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Free Wallpaper for March 2014

It's officially March and that much closer to spring/summer weather. Yay! It's also officially one month since I decided to pursue freelance full-time. It was a big, scary decision, but I definitely think it was the right one. Now I can devote more time to projects that are fun and where I can be of value to my clients. Also…more time to make fun wallpapers! I'm celebrating with a wallpaper that has two of my favorite things: pattern and the color teal!

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