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Free Wallpaper for June 2018

Hello hello! Happy June! I feel like I say this every month -- but man, did last month fly by or what?! I've been crazy busy with work and it's been my best month EVER in business. Plus, I somehow managed to book out until September. (So heads up if you've been thinking about getting into my schedule that you'll want to ask sooner rather than later!) I've been working behind the scenes on some amaze-balls brands that I'm SO excited to share, but they're not quite ready yet. In the meantime, you'll just have to settle for this summery FREE wallpaper design for June.

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Free Wallpaper for June 2017

Hold on to your butts...for the new FREE wallpaper design for June featuring a super fun dinosaur pattern! A few weeks ago my sister-in-law said she was redecorating my nephew's room with a dinosaur theme and I jumped at the chance to practice my illustration skill to make him some new wall art. And then I decided that I loved these little dudes so much that I wanted to look at them all month. So I made a cute little pattern with them and the rest is (pre)history...hah. Anyway, I hope this brings you as many giggles as it has brought me. Plaster these buddies on all your digital screens and please share + enjoy!

P.S. My favorite dinosaur is the iguanodon, in case you were wondering.

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Free Wallpaper for June 2015

Happy June everyone! School's out, summer will officially begin this month, and I'm ready for 24/7 flip-flop-wearing and lots of evening-patio-sitting. Who's with me?! We've spent the last month up to our ears in rain around the Denver area, so apparently I'm subconsciously wishing for drier weather this next month with the cactus themed wallpaper design for June! 

Let's will summer weather here together with a fresh & dry (not to mention FREE) wallpaper design for the month of June. Please share and enjoy!

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