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Free Wallpaper for October 2017

Will someone please explain to me how I can simultaneously feel like that was the longest summer of my life, and still feel like it ended too soon? September LITERALLY flew by and I am officially starting to think of how quickly the end of the year is approaching! (Gah! I’ve got to start thinking about Christmas gifts already!) 

But before I start worrying about reindeer and elf on the shelf, let’s properly address the month of October with the honor that it truly deserves. I’ve created this wallpaper as a tribute to my favorite author and the king of creep (P.S. if you haven’t seen IT, then you’re missing out!). Be sure to grab this FREE digital wallpaper design for the month of October to keep yourself freaked out all month long. Please share and enjoy!

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Dia De Los Muertos Event Marketing Materials

Two Lights Theatre Company is based out of Chicago and run by theatre practitioners who fuse disciplines, perspectives and media to explore behavior in contemporary culture.

An old friend from high school reached out to me a few years ago to help create a look and feel for their production of The Altruists (which got great reviews). So, I was excited to be able to work with them again on these Dia De Los Muertos event marketing materials, just in time for Halloween!

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FREE WALLPAPER FOR OCTOBER 2014's October. What happened? I feel like I say this every month, but this one really snuck up on me. It might have something to do with the 90 degree temperatures in Denver last week, but it is finally starting to feel like fall, and Halloween is right around the corner. At the suggestion of my husband (a candy fiend), I've created a candy corn themed FREE wallpaper for this month with a NEW SIZE for the fancy new iPhone 6 owners. Please enjoy and share!

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