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Free Wallpaper for February 2018

Anyone else feel like January has been dragging on for just about forever? I think there's something about coming down from the hustle + bustle of the holiday season and getting back to real life that makes everything feel just a little flat. I've been super busy wrapping up projects that had been put on hold for the holidays and starting some fun new ones, too, though. So I'm hoping for a fantastic February. Plus I took some time to reflect back on what worked + didn't work in 2017 and you can read that here if you're interested. But moving on...

I'm totally digging the new FREE digital wallpaper design for February! After the ditsy pattern and pastels in January, I wanted to take this month back to something classy and neutral. Gray is pretty much my favorite color (how boring is that?!) and I'm continuing to practice my hand lettering skills each month. Let's start the new month off right and freshen up all those screens with this beauty. Please share and enjoy!

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October went by in a blink! How can time go by so slowly sometimes, but suddenly you've lost a whole month? It's been a great one though, and I've really learned how much I love my clients. Freelancing has given me the opportunity to work with people who I truly connect with and find value in my skills. Then again, I think I've been working on something for too long when I get dressed in the color palette of one of my client's brands!

Here's hoping November is crazy and busy and fulfilling! Please share and enjoy the FREE wallpaper for this month.

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