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Free Wallpaper for December 2016

Only about 3 weeks and counting until Christmas! This year has absolutely flown by and I'm still wondering how we got here. It's been my best and busiest year at Six Leaf Design and I'll be doing another year-end recap for New Years in a few weeks (mostly for myself) because it's nice to reflect back on what's been accomplished this past year.

But before I get too ahead of myself planning for the new year, I've got one last free wallpaper design to share with you for 2016. This month's design is a little less traditional Christmas and a little more holiday confetti celebration - and I'm loving it! Slap this baby on all your digital screens to glimpse some holiday joy every time you sneak a peek at it. Please share and enjoy!

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Free Wallpaper for December 2014

I'm also excited to share this wallpaper with you, especially since the concept wasn't looking so good when I first started. I wanted to create something non-cliche that was simple and rustic (I'm also slightly obsessed with watercolor texture right now, if you can't tell!). After some tweaking, I'm happy with the end result and hope you like it as much as I do. Please share and enjoy!

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