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Free Wallpaper for April 2019

Hello and happy April! I’m so happy that Spring is finally here and the green is starting to poke it’s head out of the ground. Anyone else start craving all the veggies when spring starts? I’m obsessed with this illustrated wallpaper pattern for the free April wallpaper design featuring some of my favorite veggies and also a little drummie for good measure!

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Free Wallpaper For April 2018

Happy April, ya fools! Spring is in the air and things are starting to green up around here...including the new FREE digital wallpaper design for the month of April. This design started as a logo with a cactus illustration, but when we didn't end up using it for the client's brand I drew him some friends and turned them into a wallpaper. And I'm in LOVE with how it turned out! I'm hoping to incorporate more of this illustration style into my designs, so hit me up if that's something you're interested in. In the meantime you can freshen up your screens for spring and enjoy these lil' dudes for the next month or so.

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Free Wallpaper for April 2017

Hey guys! Fancy meeting you here. Well, it's that time of the month again. No! Not that time! Time to suddenly freak out about how fast the year is going (it's 2nd quarter already?!) and also time to freshen up your digital devices. The FREE April wallpaper design is here and it has so many of my favorite things: watercolor, pattern, hand-drawn elements, vibrant colors, oh my! This one is already becoming a favorite of mine. Grab it as fast as you can and plaster it anywhere with a screen! Please share and enjoy!

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Free Wallpaper for April 2016

For this month's free wallpaper design, I doodled out the word APRIL last weekend quickly before family got here for Easter. Then after refining the hand lettering and the addition of a vibrant watercolor texture, I think this has turned out to be one of my all-time-favorite wallpaper designs! I hope you like it, too, and can find a home for it on your digital screens. Please share and enjoy!

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Free Wallpaper for April 2015

March has been a pretty great month for Six Leaf - I launched a new blog series, refreshed my website design and content, and was able to wrap up a few branding projects that I'm very excited to share.  That being said, I'm SO ready for April and spring - which for me means that I will get to enjoy the weather by cracking open the windows to my office! I'm pretty sure we have a few more cold snaps coming before it really feels like spring, but I'm sticking to my guns and diving in with some brightly colored, fun wallpapers this month.

Decorate your screens with a little happy this month and enjoy this argyle inspired pattern as your wallpaper! Please share and enjoy!

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Free Wallpaper for April 2014

Holy, April really snuck up on me! Last week I looked at my calendar and about had a panic attack when I realized it was less than a week until April. That means two whole months of full-time freelancing under my belt and less than two months until my wedding. Time is just slipping away from me!

Either way, it's time for a new FREE wallpaper for your robots! Spring is officially here and hopefully it will warm up and all the umbrellas won't actually be necessary - but they sure are cute! Please share and enjoy!!!

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