Free Wallpaper for March 2019

Hello, hello! March is here and so is the FREE wallpaper design for the month. This month I’ve whipped up a pattern that’s just cute to death with happy little heart-eye skulls in navy + gray — my favorite colors! Grab this bad to the bone digital download below and keep scrolling for an update on what I’ve been up to + some super exciting news!

Free Wallpaper for February 2019 with hand-drawn heart pattern design

Download the size you need by opening the link and right clicking to save. If you’re on a mobile device, open the link in your browser, save the image to your photos, then go to settings and select your photo as your wallpaper: 2560px x 1600px, 1920px x 1080px, 1680px x 1050px, iPad, iPhone 6, 7 or 8, iPhone 6, 7 or 8 Plus, iPhone X, Droid and No Calendar Version.


So if you got my email or read the blog last month, you know that my husband and I just went through a bit of a heartbreak in January and had an adoption fall through. Well, February has been even more of a whirlwind because literally on the day that I wrote that post, we got the news that we had been matched again!! The crazy thing is that this baby was due on the 18th of February in Phoenix, Arizona…and we were already planning to be down there for my brother-in-law’s wedding the week before he was due. So we packed as much as we could up and headed down and have been down here ever since. We welcomed our son Miles Maddox to this world on February 18th at 7lbs 15oz. As I write this we’re still in Phoenix as we wait for our paperwork to be processed so that we can go home to Denver. I’ve been knee-deep in baby stuff which is also what partially inspired this wallpaper design!


I literally cannot even remember what I’ve done for my business in the last month! I’ve been wrapping up projects as fast as I can (including this cool logo design for Byrnes Law). And instead of preparing for maternity leave by doing something production, I put up a shop where you can buy products with my designs on them. It’s a perfect way for me to put these wallpaper designs to good use when there’s a design that people love. So be sure to let me know when you like a design and check it out here if you are in need of a cool phone case, tote bag, backpack, shower curtain, or throw pillow!

And for the month of March I’m planning to take a maternity leave. I’ll be working a little bit here and there, answering emails when I can. But not starting any new projects until April. If you wanna get on my schedule make sure to let me know and I’ll be scheduling consult calls in the last week of March to start booking again!

Have a happy March!