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Health Quest Institute


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About The Project

Health Quest Institute is a different kind of fitness approach. Yes, they're a gym. But they're also focused on an overall healthy lifestyle -- mind, body and spirit. Holly, the owner, came to me with this idea of a gym that was more like a community and we wanted to make sure that their branding reflected that. Reflected that everyone is on their own fitness journey and it looks different to each and every person.

We designed the logo to include a super stylized depiction of Colorado mountains & sunshine inside a circle really hammering home the journey part. And we even managed to sneak a Q into it by extending the line of the mountain base outside of the circle because QUEST is really the most important part.

After the logo we put together an assortment of supporting brand elements like custom patterns, textures and illustrated icons that fit perfectly with their brand aesthetic. Then we applied those to business cards, web banners, and social media profile .

Once the full branding was in place we worked to apply it to a new website for HQI that would not only be beautiful and reflect their mission, but would also be intuitive and easy to use for their visitors. Their ideal clients are pulled into the site by the dynamic branding + design, and then they’re made to feel at home with the strategic copy written by Verve & Vigour




What We Did:

  • Custom Logo Design

  • Color Palette Development

  • Typography

  • Brand Patterns + Textures

  • Business Card

  • Website Banners

  • Social Media Profile

  • Email Newsletter

  • Custom Illustrated Icons

  • Website Strategy & Design








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