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About The Project

Catch Whodunit is an online monthly murder subscription service that puts you in the detective's shoes. Tracea came to me with this idea that was initially inspired by wanting to write crime novels, but hating the publishing process. So she decided to turn it into an elaborate game that makes the Criminal Minds fan in me jump for joy!

We started by designing a logo based around typical film noir crime elements: a knife, a fedora, handcuffs, etc. But we ended up landing on this unique magnifying glass + fingerprint icon and when you look closely you can see how the fingerprint shape is created around an question mark. This icon is so versatile and can be sprinkled throughout the website and all marketing materials to just hint at all the mystery that this brand promises.

Immediately after the logo, we jumped into the sales page design knowing that this would be the crux of their marketing efforts. Along the way we established branding elements that we can consistently use in all their materials to create recognition including a super fun crinkled paper texture, smudged fingerprints + footprints, blood splatter and more.

After developing the logo, sales page and brand elements we began applying them to all sorts of supporting marketing materials to promote the business. Be sure to check out the Catch Whodunit website and sign up for the free puzzle to get a little taste of what the cases will be like (yes, it's totally FREE!). 




What We Did:

  • Custom Logo Design

  • Color Palette Development

  • Typography

  • Brand Elements

  • Website Design

  • Letterhead

  • Online Promo Kit

  • Social Media Images + Template

  • Video Assets

  • Internal Dashboard



“Lindsey is a f****** genius! Right from the beginning, I knew she really “got” the project and understood what I was trying to achieve. She took my basic vision and delivered a complete and cohesive package that BLEW MY MIND and went beyond what I could have imagined. Exactly what I wanted! I got a brand and website that is visually beyond anything I could have hoped for.”

- Tracea Ahearn // Founder + Madam of Mystery, Catch Whodunit








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