Free Wallpaper for September 2019

Hello all you happy people! September marks 6 years that I’ve been doing the free digital wallpaper for Six Leaf Design and sometimes I hate it because it’s a hassle and time consuming, but most of the time I love it when it’s done because it literally doesn’t matter how it comes out and I’ve had so many people tell me that they love it. So no worries, I plan to continue and this month I’ve got a super fun design for you that I’ve poetically named “Blobby Blobs.” Please share and enjoy! (And keep scrolling for a quick update on what’s going on with me.)

Free Wallpaper for September 2019

Download the size you need here: Desktop Size, Mobile Size or No Calendar Version.


This month has been the craziest by far this year. Biggest news is that our adoption is was finally finalized this month and that means that legally speaking Miles is now our forever family 💙. We had a big party to celebrate with friends and family and now we’re just trying to settle back into a normal routine and find that elusive (AKA non-existent) work/life balance.


The business side of things has been just as crazy and back-to-school season is always busy for me. But with our new norm, it’s more than I imagined. I knocked out another One Day Website last week for Corporate Directors International and it went so well! Check that out here. I’ve got a bunch more branding and website projects going on behind the scenes, but can’t share them with you until they’re launched. So keep your eyes peeled. And also, I found out that I’ll be a speaker at the Freelance Business Conference in Denver! I’ll be talking on Wednesday all about how creating processes for your business will save your sanity and if you wanna come see me you can go ahead and use this discount code to snag your ticket: FBWAnderson. Yay! Let me know if you’re going and we can meet up!

Happy September friends!