Free Wallpaper for August 2019

Hello all you heavenly beings out there! I’ve got a current branding client who’s materials are inspired by adventure and spirituality and I’m looooooving the designs that we’re coming up with. So much so that I had to create the FREE digital wallpaper design this month based on her inspiration. Bless all your screens with this beautiful design and enjoy!

Free Wallpaper for August 2019 with moon and stars

Download the size you need here: Desktop Size, Mobile Size or No Calendar Version.


I’m excited that I can finally say it, but my parents are officially moving to Colorado! They’ve bought a house in Loveland just an hour away (instead of 12 hours away) and I couldn’t be happier….not to mention that they’ll be happy to babysit!

Everything with Miles’s adoption is still on track and we’ve been running around finishing paperwork, getting fingerprinted and requesting background checks. Most people are surprised to hear that things are final yet, but we’re not legally his parents until 6 months of visits from our social worker. Our finalization is scheduled for this month though! Yay!


I had a slow couple of weeks, but things are picking back up like they normally do at the end of the summer. I had a stellar One Day Website client last week and we’re so proud of the site we created after one intense day of work. Check it out here and if you’ve been thinking about putting your awesome self out into the world, but don’t know where to start — take a look and see if a One Day Website would be the right fit for you. There are only 3 slots left this summer!

Have a happy August!