Free Wallpaper for November 2018

Hello! It’s the second to last month of the year, can you believe it? The weather in Denver this week took a turn for the colder, so it’s really feeling like autumn now. It’s been a crazy last few months if I’m being honest. I’ve been working my patootie off to get everyone’s sites launched before the end of the year, and I launched FOUR client websites in October (check them out here by the way: Gray’s Compass, Cut The Fluff Consulting, Dialect Interior Design, and Stacey Russell Booth).

But onwards and upwards! The free November wallpaper design is minty fresh with a touch of classy gold pattern. I’m making all the heart eyes at it and just know that you’re going to want this lovely little ditty fancifying all of your digital screens ASAP. Please share and enjoy!

Free Wallpaper for November 2018 featuring mint and gold pattern

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Download the size you need by opening the link and right clicking to save. If you’re on a mobile device, open the link in your browser, save the image to your photos, then go to settings and select your photo as your wallpaper: 2560px x 1600px, 1920px x 1080px, 1680px x 1050px, iPad, iPhone 6, 7 or 8, iPhone 6, 7 or 8 Plus, iPhone X, Droid and No Calendar Version.