Free Wallpaper for May 2019

Hey friends! It’s May and I’m here for all the Justin Timberlake memes. The weather’s warming up, grass is getting greener and spirits are starting to lift. This month the free May wallpaper design is inspired by spring growth and is made from a recycled floral illustration that wasn’t used in a client’s logo design. But she deserved to have her day in the spotlight. Grab this beaut’ to decorate your digital devices using the links below and please share and enjoy!

Free Wallpaper for May 2019 with illustrated floral pattern

Download the size you need here: Desktop Size, Mobile Size or No Calendar Version.


April has gone by in a blur, but we’re adjusting to our new life as a little family. Miles is starting to coo and smile, so that makes the sleep loss (somewhat) worth it. He had his two month appointment where all was well and he got his round of shots. Grandparents came and stayed for a full week to play with and love on the lil’ bub. And this mama even made time for a date night.


This last month has been all about getting back into the swing of things and filling up my schedule for spring + summer. I’ve got childcare lined up so I can have a consistent schedule and I’m working on some new brands + websites that I’m super stoked to share once they’re launched. The most exciting news is that 1) my good friend and business bestie has finally launched her new website and brand after we worked on it for almost two years!! Check out the brand spankin’ new Verve & Vigour website here and give her some love. 2) I’ve completely revamped my process for Web Design In A Day to make it easier for clients and more custom. Check out the new service page here to learn about it and book a discovery call if you’re ready to get your site up + out in the world lickety split! And 3) I was featured in a really cool article called “Perspective & Advice for Those Facing Insurmountable Odds” by a local online magazine called Voyage Denver giving my best Ted talk. Check it out here!

Happy May y’all!