Free Wallpaper for August 2017

Happy August everyone! I'm not going to lie...this summer has been a rough one for me and I feel like I just haven't been able to catch a break. Usually summer is a time when my work flow lulls a bit, but June was my highest grossing month and in July I've been working through all those packages that were booked. That plus non-stop company at our house and whatever remnants of a personal life are left have made me really need to slow it down.

With that said -- the new FREE digital wallpaper for August featuring these cute lil' jellies is the perfect representation of how I just need to go with the flow for a little bit! We took our good friend's daughter to the aquarium last month and while she was more interested in the garbage on the floor (she's only 1 and a bit too young to care about fish), I was super intrigued with the jellyfish and brought my camera to snap some pictures.  And that's how this wallpaper came to be! I hope you and I can both plaster these dudes on our digital screens for the month and float along. Please share and enjoy!

New Free Wallpaper for August with Deep Blue Ocean & Jellyfish Design Featuring a Calendar

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Download the size you need by opening the link and then right clicking to save. If you are on a mobile device or tablet, open the link in your browser, save the image to your photos or camera roll, then go to settings and select the image as your wallpaper. 2560px x 1600px, 1920px x 1080px, 1680px x 1050px, 1440px x 900px, 1280px x 800px, iPad, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or 7, and Droid.