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Your website.
One day.

Web design can feel daunting, which is why I’ve simplified it down to one single day. This isn’t DIY — it’s 1:1 expert execution that turns stunning Squarespace themes into your new show-stopping website.


Say OH HEY! To the one-stop-shop for getting your online presence on point.

I see you trying to build your own site over there, banging your head against the keyboard and wondering if what you’re doing is even close. Good web design feels hard because it is hard.

Throw the guesswork in the garbage and leave your online first impression to the pros.

(After all, that leaves you way more time for doing what you’re best at — running your dang business.)

Web Design In a Day DOES:

⊳ Take the web work off your plate.

⊳ Set up the technical execution of your colors, photos + content into your Squarespace style theme of choice.

⊳ Walk you step-by-step through creating your content with guided questionnaires developed by an industry-leading copywriter.

⊳ Grant you lifetime access to a Squarespace Training Hub with easy-to-use run throughs on how to make any updates to your site moving forward.

⊳ Get you ready to launch your new site — all in one day.

Web Design In a Day DOES NOT:

✖ Create completely custom page layouts or site look + feel from scratch. (For example, if you want to add new custom sections to the layouts, this isn’t for you.)

✖ Leave all the work up to you. Once you pick your style + hand over your content, I make the magic happen over on my end.

✖ Make you wait around until the end of time for your website to finally be out in the world.

✖ Let you hide in the shadows anymore. You’re a force to be reckoned with — isn’t it time we show the world?

✖ Juggle flaming torches.




1) You've got a solid handle on your business.
You know what you’re doing, and you’re ready to tell other people about it online. You’ll be asked for things like your mission statement, service descriptions, FAQs, biography, and process (just to name a few). If this feels super unfamiliar to you, start over here instead.

2) You're ready to get online. Like, NOW.
I move as fast as you move. If you can get your content to me in a flash, I’ll get your site launched quicker than a kid eating 3 pillow cases full of Halloween candy before his mom can take it away.

3)  You’re head over heels for one of the style themes.
These gems will be customized with your photos, colors and words, but overall the structure of each theme stays the same. (Every theme has been carefully designed + audited to make sure they look good on mobile, are easy for your visitors to use, and simple to update for you on the back-end. In other words: the best of all worlds.)

Choose your look & feel. Web Design In A Day | Six Leaf Design | Freelance Graphic + Logo + Brand + Web Designer | Denver, Colorado

No matter which way you take your website, every single style theme is built with your business in mind. They’re user-friendly (so you’ll be able to make updates on your own), easy to navigate for your users, and already set up for mobile. In other words: you’ll put your best foot forward, no matter where your customers find you.

The style you choose is built specifically for your business. All images, colors + words are completely customizable.



Your Web Design In A Day Includes:

Comprehensive Website Prep Checklist

Gather everything we’ll need to build your site, all in bite-sized prompts designed to keep your project on track.

20% Off Your Squarespace Account

With my Authorized Trainer code, hit the ground running with 20% off your Squarespace fees. (That’s one less hurdle standing between you and roaring success.)

Step-By-Step Copy Prompts

Tackle your copy & content with the online questionnaire that walks you through creating your copy so staring at a blank Word doc is a thing of the past.

One-On-One Planning Session

We kick off your design day in style with a 1:1 phone call in the morning that makes the most of our time together and lets us get started ASAP.

Customization to Your Biz

While the overall look + feel is set, all photos, colors and text are customized to your business and brand.

Full Mobile Optimization

Everything will look great on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices so you make a great first impression no matter where your customers find you.

Access to the Private Training Hub

Master the back-end of your site and learn how to make tiny tweaks and updates with easy-to-understand tutorial videos that put you in control of your site.

Your Site Built, Styled + Launched In One Day

Not a joke. It actually takes one day.

How It Works. Web Design In A Day | Six Leaf Design | Freelance Graphic + Logo + Brand + Web Designer | Denver, Colorado

How It Works

1. Choose your style theme: Select the look + feel that fits best with your industry, client base, and brand.

2. Submit your content: Work through the online questionnaires to develop and submit all the content for your website. (That’s all the words, logos, and photos that will be customized during your site build.)

3. Schedule your design day: You’ll then be sent a link to schedule your design day with me and I’ll work for an 8 hour block on creating your website.

4. Launch + celebrate: At the end of our day we’ll launch your gorgeous new website and you’ll be able to pop the bubbly in celebration!



Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is the web platform we’ll be building your new site on. (You may have heard of other web platforms like Wordpress. Squarespace is like that, only more user-friendly for you.) You’ll need to purchase your Squarespace account before we get started building your site, but there’ll be step-by-step instructions to keep it simple and easy.

+ Will I be able to edit my site once it's done?

Absolutely! One of the reasons I swear by Squarespace is because it's so easy to learn and use. You'll even get access to a private training hub that's chock-full of tutorial videos after we're done.

+ I like the style theme, but can I use my own logo?

You can bet your bottom dollar! All the words and pictures can be customized with your own, including the logo.

+ Can we change the pages or layouts of a theme?

While we can make some small tweaks to accommodate your unique business (like if the theme only shows 3 services, but you have 4), overall the pages and layouts will need to stay the same. If there's something in particular that you're wondering if we can tweak, shoot me a message here!

+ When is your next availability?

You'll be sent a link to schedule your design day as soon as you submit your content, so you literally could have your site up and running within 24 hours! I block out a few days each week so there's plenty of availability, but if you can't find a day that works for you then you can let me know ASAP and we'll work something out.

+ Are there any additional fees?

For Web Design In A Day, you'll need a Squarespace Business Plan (and you can view their rates here). That said, when you book you'll get a 20% off code through me, and a free domain through Squarespace with a yearly purchase.

+ Can I add an e-commerce shop to my website?

Yes! All Squarespace sites have built-in e-commerce capability and you'll be able to add it on yourself after we've launched. (Squarespace has a super robust knowledge base to help you through this.)

+ Can we use a different website platform?

There are tons of other platforms out there and you should definitely be sure to pick the one that's right for you + your business. Since I specialize in Squarespace design, I know that I can bring my best service to you on that platform. If you want to use a different platform, I totally understand, but I'd recommend you find a specialist in that specific platform so you get the best results.

+ Will I have any homework?

While I can build your site lickety-split, you're going to have to provide the content. That means that all the pictures, logos, text, etc. will have to come from you (because you know you're business best). But don't stress too much, I've got step-by-step prompts, questionnaires and video tutorials to walk you through everything.

+ Can I reserve my day before I finish my content?

I’m as excited as you are to get your site up + running, but unfortunately I can't block out anyone's day without the guarantee that I’ve received their content. People get busy, unexpected things come up, and I wanna make sure that we're rarin' and ready to go with everything we need on your design day! Content first, and then you’ll pick your perfect day.


Web Design In A Day | Six Leaf Design | Freelance Graphic + Logo + Brand + Web Designer | Denver, Colorado

Because you shouldn’t have to wait to make waves.