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About The Project

Books & booze....what more could you ask for in one location? When Allison & Garrett came to me to work on the branding and website for their new combination bookstore + bar I couldn't have been more excited. They wanted to attract modern adventurers and intellectuals alike who would want a cozy place to wind down and plan their next adventure.

The name comes from the prominent botanist of the 19th century Asa Gray who spent much of his career traveling the work and specifically the Rocky Mountains documenting hundreds of different plant species. We wanted to pay homage to him at every chance and created a custom illustrated leafy branch to use in the logo along with a touch of brass. This completely unique design brings to mind scientific diagrams and we wanted to carry that through to the rest of the branding. We added more botanical illustrations, frames, and a leather texture to draw visitors in and make you feel like you can almost smell the books.

For the website, our goal was to bring in these brand touchpoints and also make the site as easy-to-use as possible. The site features different sections for the bookstore and the bar, a journal where books can be featured, an event calendar, and an online shoppe so book lovers can browse from afar. 




What We Did:

  • Custom Logo Design

  • Color Palette Development

  • Typography

  • Brand Elements

  • Custom Bookmark

  • Thank You Cards

  • Social Media Profile

  • Web Content Strategy

  • Website Design








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