Good Trip Coffee Co.

Good Trip Coffee Co.


About The Project

Angela and Andrew are an amazing husband-wife team who decided to pick up, leave their careers behind and take a chance on paving a new path. One filled with coffee. They had the idea for Good Trip Coffee Co. during a trip through Nicaragua and wanted to spread their good vibes with simple, delicious, homemade cold brew coffee. Not only is their brand of coffee unique, but their business brand needed to be as well.

The idea of a hot air balloon was brought to the table to represent both their love of travel and the vibrancy we wanted the brand to evoke. The imagery of floating above the treetops and through the clouds was the perfect way to translate their experiences into a special icon. From there we created an assortment of different layouts so they have all sorts of versatility when it comes to using their new logo system.

With a tropical color palette, whimsical typography styling, and gorgeous brand patterns we had the foundation of their brand in place. We applied it to a gorgeous set of stationery including business cards, letterhead, a return address stamp and social media images.





What We Did:

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Color Palette Development
  • Typography
  • Brand Patterns
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Return Address Stamp
  • Social Media Image








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 Good Trip Coffee Co. Logo + Branding Design | Business Cards, Letterhead & Social Media Designs