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About The Project

Cut The Fluff is a coaching + consulting business run by the exuberant and delightful Erica. She helps people bridge the gap between generations, beliefs, values, and cultures with her one-of-a-kind consulting services. And when we started talking about her brand development I knew that her look + feel would need the same vibrancy.

The logo started off with the idea of a cactus to represent how sometimes unpacking this stuff can be prickly business. I created a custom illustrated cactus icon and we incorporated a bubbly script font to give it a bit of juxtaposition + make it approachable. That thought process was carried through while creating Cut The Fluff's brand elements. We developed multiple colored marble textures, hand-drawn patterns and organic shapes that all lend to the fun and bold feeling we wanted to create.

After applying the branding to Instagram templates, worksheets, and social media profiles we started working on the web design. Chock full of personality, her website helps you get a feel for what it'll be like working with Cut The Fluff and features a color coded calendar of events so you know when her next program starts and you can easily join in. 



What We Did:

  • Custom Logo Design

  • Color Palette Development

  • Typography

  • Brand Patterns + Textures

  • Instagram Templates

  • Worksheet PDFs

  • Social Media Profile

  • Email Newsletter

  • Web Content Strategy

  • Website Design




“As a business owner my brand is flourishing because of the work Lindsey has done to bring it to life. Lindsey has exceeded my expectations (web design, communication, experience, value) time and time again. Her creative design is fresh, intentional, and absolutely beautiful. If you are looking to create a brand with a personality, create a website that will drive results, and have a really fun time while doing it - Lindsey with SixLeaf Design is your gal.”

- Erica Bonser // Chief Executive Officer, Cut The Fluff Coaching + Consulting







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