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One of my favorite things about my job is that even though now I live in Denver, I still get the opportunity to work with people from my home town. First Lutheran Church is located in Williston, ND and with their increasingly youthful congregation, they came to me late last year needing a big update to their website. Having grown up knowing this church and attending many events there, I was so excited to help them put a new face to their digital presence.

The Project: 

First Lutheran Church Website Design Package

First Lutheran Church Web Design Branding Board | Six Leaf Design | Freelance Graphic Designer | Denver, Colorado

Project Goals:

While their website had served them well for years, the design and functionality hadn't changed since it was built more than a decade ago. We needed to create a new website that not only looked more modern and professional, but also allowed for better communication with their members. However, we also wanted to make it accessible to the older population as well.

  • Update the website design to be more modern and clean, while keeping in mind their congregation ranges from young to the elderly
  • Clean up the structure of the website to be more user-friendly so people can easily find what they're looking for like service times, their location, happenings and events
  • Include a way to feature news items and a calendar with recurring events
  • Incorporate inspirational photography that won't look outdated any time soon

About the Website:

Their new website features a calming color palette with custom graphics to set it apart from other sites. It is easy to find exactly what you are looking for and is much less confusing than the old site because we eliminated a lot of redundant and unnecessary information. We also decided to use a third-party service called for the calendar that has a robust functionality, including recurring events, and could be easily integrated with their site and managed independently.

I'm so happy with the way that this website turned out and believe it is so much easier to use - which was one of our main goals! Not to mention that it looks great and will help the church to better communicate with members for years to come. Check out the full site to see it in action:

From the client:

"The First Lutheran Church website was outdated and Lindsey was able to reconnect us to our vision for the page. She laid out an easy timeline to follow, detailing what information she needs from us and when our payments were due. Now, because of her design, our webpage is more accessible, readable, and welcoming. God definitely gave Lindsey a talent and we appreciate her sharing that talent with us!"

- First Lutheran Church Council