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City Pop is a gourmet popcorn company with brick and mortar shops in Denver + the surrounding areas (including in Winter Park, which I saw when we went skiing this year!). They have so many delicious and unique flavors and it's all locally produced, so you know you're getting an amazing product!

Chris from City Pop came to me last year needing to design some fun and unique labels for special occasions. The idea is that their customers will be able to buy tins of popcorn and pick the label for the occasion so that it makes a great gift! I absolutely loved the idea and was so excited to get started after we discussed the aesthetic and purpose. 

Popcorn Tin Label Design Featuring Mountains and Denver Skyline Illustration 

Project Goals

Overall we wanted to create 4 different label designs with different themes: 1. Colorado, 2. Birthday, 3. Celebrate, and 4. Thank You. We decided that the best way to start this project would be to work on one design first, and then once that was finalized we could use that as a template for the other designs so they all looked somewhat consistent. We started with the Colorado theme and we knew that we wanted to include some things that were iconic to the area...most importantly we wanted to include MOUNTAINS.

I created 3 initial concepts for Chris to choose from that could be used as a template for future labels all with different levels of detail and different styles of mountains. The trickiest part was knowing that these would be going on all sizes of tins from a quart to 3 1/2 gallon, so we wanted to make sure that the design would look great when at any size.

Chris loved the first design, but wanted it to feel even more specific to the Denver area. He suggested that we incorporate an illustrated city skyline at the base of the mountains with some of the more iconic buildings like the Cash Register building (which, if you're not familiar is the rounded one with the piece that juts out). I created the skyline buildings and added it to the base of the mountain along with the word DENVER -- so now you can't mistake it for any other area in Colorado! 

Popcorn Tin Label Design Featuring Mountains and Denver Skyline Illustration
Popcorn Tin Label Design Featuring Mountains and Denver Skyline Illustration

After finalizing the Colorado theme, we moved on to the other designs for Birthday, Celebrate and Thank You. We knew that we wanted to keep the same template for the shape and City Pop info, but we could have lots of fun with the inside area for design. I create 2 different options for each theme to see which ones would work best. In the end, we decided to stick with the same color palette and after a few tweaks we had a whole set of fun labels that people can order for different occasions. You can see the designs and order them on the City Pop website now!

Popcorn Tin Label Design Featuring Custom Illustrations for Birthday, Celebration & Thank You
Popcorn Tin Label Design Featuring Custom Illustrations

From the Client:

"Overall, Lindsey did a great job with our project. We were very happy with the outcome and the artwork looked amazing. Lindsey does a great job communicating, following up with he clients, and providing expectations by being very transparent from the beginning. She continuously checked in and provided progress statuses along the way. She made doing business very easy, which in turn allowed me to concentrate on other items in my business. Definitely someone you want to do business with!"

- Chris Zettle, City Pop Popcorn