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Free Wallpaper for July 2018

Hey guys! July's here and it's already been one heck of a summer! I've been super duper busy with work projects, but this last week or so I've had a little break which has been amazing. I even had some time last week to add a few new portfolio entries that I'm over the moon about (check out the new branding for HQI here and the full web + branding for Catch Whodunit here).

But let's get to the real reason you're here. The new FREE wallpaper design for July is all about 'MERICA and is chock full of spangles. Splash this puppy on all your digital devices for a little patriotism (or just because you like stars!) and please SHARE + ENJOY!

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Free Wallpaper for June 2018

Hello hello! Happy June! I feel like I say this every month -- but man, did last month fly by or what?! I've been crazy busy with work and it's been my best month EVER in business. Plus, I somehow managed to book out until September. (So heads up if you've been thinking about getting into my schedule that you'll want to ask sooner rather than later!) I've been working behind the scenes on some amaze-balls brands that I'm SO excited to share, but they're not quite ready yet. In the meantime, you'll just have to settle for this summery FREE wallpaper design for June.

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Free Wallpaper for May 2018

April has been one of those months where it felt like everything and nothing happened all at once. Personal highlights of the month include: taking two ski days, attending a very intense Wrestlemania party, joining a Wednesday night trivia team and experiencing my first drag queen bingo (so frickin' fun!). Business highlights include: wrapping up a beautiful gold-foiled invitation suite for the Children's Museum, cranking out 2 logo designs and a website design, and filling up my schedule all the way through June. So overall, I'd say it's been a pretty eventful 30 days. 

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Free Wallpaper For April 2018

Happy April, ya fools! Spring is in the air and things are starting to green up around here...including the new FREE digital wallpaper design for the month of April. This design started as a logo with a cactus illustration, but when we didn't end up using it for the client's brand I drew him some friends and turned them into a wallpaper. And I'm in LOVE with how it turned out! I'm hoping to incorporate more of this illustration style into my designs, so hit me up if that's something you're interested in. In the meantime you can freshen up your screens for spring and enjoy these lil' dudes for the next month or so.

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Free Wallpaper for March 2018

And then in the blink of an eye, the month was over and I was creating a splashy patterned background for the free digital wallpaper for March 2018. I'm starting to feel the stirrings of Spring and basking in every moment of sun that I can to get over the winter blues, and hopefully this beaut' will brighten up day, too. Grab this guy and plaster it all over the screens that you mindlessly look at every waking hour! Please share and enjoy!

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Free Wallpaper for February 2018

Anyone else feel like January has been dragging on for just about forever? I think there's something about coming down from the hustle + bustle of the holiday season and getting back to real life that makes everything feel just a little flat. I've been super busy wrapping up projects that had been put on hold for the holidays and starting some fun new ones, too, though. So I'm hoping for a fantastic February. Plus I took some time to reflect back on what worked + didn't work in 2017 and you can read that here if you're interested. But moving on...

I'm totally digging the new FREE digital wallpaper design for February! After the ditsy pattern and pastels in January, I wanted to take this month back to something classy and neutral. Gray is pretty much my favorite color (how boring is that?!) and I'm continuing to practice my hand lettering skills each month. Let's start the new month off right and freshen up all those screens with this beauty. Please share and enjoy!

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Free Wallpaper for January 2018

Big changes are happening over here! In case you didn't notice, things are looking a bit different around the Six Leaf website. I spent the bulk of December scrambling to finish my brand + web redesign to launch in 2018 and have been bustin' my butt these last few days putting it all together. Have a look around and let me know what you think!

But more importantly, the new FREE wallpaper design for January is here and it's full of whimsical fun with this ditsy lil' snowflake pattern and hand-lettering. These pastels have got me all googley-eyed and I can't wait to see this on all y'all's digital devices this month. Slap this baby on your screens to start your new year off on the right foot and let's make 2018 one of the best years ever! Please share and enjoy!

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Free Wallpaper for December 2017

You guys...November seriously went by in the blink of an eye. PLUS it doesn't help that we're still having 60 degree days here in Denver, so it doesn't even truly seem like the holidays yet. Well, even though we aren't getting those frigid temps yet, I'm sure they're on their way and I'm prepared with this ugly sweater theme for the FREE digital wallpaper for the month of December.

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Free Wallpaper for November 2017

And just like that….it was the holiday season! October has been a blast and went by way too quickly. But I have to say that I’m really looking forward to these last few months of the year and planning to take a bit of time off to work on my own business. There are big things coming up for Six Leaf!

But in the meantime let's get to the real reason you’re here. I wanted to create something much lighter for the FREE November wallpaper design. I saw this dandelion pattern in some tiles on Instagram and got all googley eyed over it, so I knew that I had to recreate it for this month’s design. Add in a watercolor texture + some teal and I’m just in heaven over here. I don’t think I’ll get sick of this design all month, and I hope you don’t either! Be sure to grab the size you need and plaster it all over your devices this month. Please share and enjoy!

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Free Wallpaper for October 2017

Will someone please explain to me how I can simultaneously feel like that was the longest summer of my life, and still feel like it ended too soon? September LITERALLY flew by and I am officially starting to think of how quickly the end of the year is approaching! (Gah! I’ve got to start thinking about Christmas gifts already!) 

But before I start worrying about reindeer and elf on the shelf, let’s properly address the month of October with the honor that it truly deserves. I’ve created this wallpaper as a tribute to my favorite author and the king of creep (P.S. if you haven’t seen IT, then you’re missing out!). Be sure to grab this FREE digital wallpaper design for the month of October to keep yourself freaked out all month long. Please share and enjoy!

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