2016 Six Leaf Recap

2016 a Year in Review | Six Leaf Design | Freelance Graphic Designer | Denver, Colorado

2016 has really been one for the books, hasn't it?! For my business, this year has been a crazy ride that keeps growing and getting better with each new challenge. It's been a year of joy and at the same time one of challenge. From landing a client bigger than I had ever imagined, to completely failing at projects that I never should have taken on. From having zero prospective projects, to working 60+ hours a week just to keep up. I'd say that my theme for 2016 has been learning to roll with the punches and trust that things will work out when the time is right.  

The biggest business news of the year for me was quitting my normal-person/part-time job and committing to make Six Leaf Design my entire focus. In June I decided that splitting my time and attention wouldn't work for much longer, and I decided to put all my eggs in one teal and purple colored basket. So, for 2017 I'm seriously all-in! I'm looking forward to a new year of building my business and finding new + better ways to serve my clients. But before I look to the new year, I've put together a cute infographic to give myself a little pat on the back for how much that I've accomplished this year.

2016 Recap Infographic Design

Even though this has been the best year yet for my business, I'm so ready to move on and never look back. While I learned so many valuable things this year, next has the potential to be EVEN BETTER and I cannot wait! 

Goals for 2017:

  • Be even more selective with the clients that I take on in order to ensure that I'm doing my best work for the best people possible. This way I can continue to manage my time and devote the attention to each project that it deserves.
  • Nurture the relationships that I have with current + past clients and find ways that we can keep working together to benefit each other. Because I LOVE my clients and want to do everything I can to help them succeed!
  • Make a conscious effort to give back. Whether it be with my time (which hopefully will be more flexible this year as I'm freelancing full-time) or with money when I can. I'm so incredibly fortunate and it's only fair that I should make a point to put back into the universe what I've been given.
  • Get rid of some of the digital noise that clutters up my life and brain. While there is so much amazing content out there on the web, it sometimes finds a way to worm into my brain and turn into self-doubt. I'm making a commitment now to only follow things/people that I truly feel connected with and stop comparing myself to others!

I'm wishing everyone a new year filled with health + happiness + hope that there are better things to come (although being patient is sometimes the hardest part).


Goodbye 2016 | Six Leaf Design | Freelance Graphic Designer | Denver, Colorado

Lindsey Anderson

Six Leaf Design, Denver, CO, USA

Graphic designer responsible for Six Leaf Design.