Free Wallpaper for April 2014

Holy, April really snuck up on me! Last week I looked at my calendar and about had a panic attack when I realized it was less than a week until April. That means two whole months of full-time freelancing under my belt and less than two months until my wedding. Time is just slipping away from me!

Either way, it's time for a new FREE wallpaper for your robots! Spring is officially here and hopefully it will warm up and all the umbrellas won't actually be necessary - but they sure are cute! Please share and enjoy!!!


Head on over to the Six Leaf Facebook to see this rainy cover image!

Download the size you need by opening the link and right clicking to save. If you are on a smart phone, open the link (photos won't save from the Facebook app, so make sure you open it in your browser app!) and save the image to your photos, then go to settings and select the photo as your wallpaper. 2560px x 1600 px, 1920px x 1080px, 1680px x 1050px, 1440px x 900px, 1280px x 800px, iPad, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, Droid, and Facebook Cover Image.